Diversity. The word alone can spark feelings of a global community in which race is inconsequential and music is the universal language. People the world over now have instant access to all genres of music and fans are made instantaneously via the World Wide Web and the content it provides. In the spirit of diversity and genre blending, comes the future of popular music and culture - Team Retro.

Consisting of singers/songwriters/producers/m.c.s Cosmo Primo (Cosmo), Jorell Alston (Jay Alston) and Lauren King Salvo (Li-Li), the group has been recording since 2012 with several multi-talented producers and songwriters primarily in and around the Philadelphia, P.A. metro area. Cosmo and Jorell have been friends since childhood, honing their recording and performing skills in basement studios and talent shows, while always maintaining an aspiring outlook and keeping an eye toward national and international acclaim. Some of their early influences include Michael Jackson, Prince, NWA, The Fugees, Timbaland, Usher and Bob Marley - to name a few.

After garnering a regional buzz for their EDM songs with strong hip-hop influences and mainstream pop appeal, the duo added Lauren (Temple University music school major) to complete the exceptionally broad ranging package. All of this groundwork brought them to the attention of Ruffhouse Records - the legendary Philly-based label behind iconic, multi-genre artists such as Schooly-D, Kris-Kross, Cypress Hill, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, and Wyclef Jean.

Having graced stages throughout the East Coast, the self-contained music factory has now returned to the studio to create their official debut album, which combines Pop, EDM, R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop to create a signature sound that speaks directly to the youth of today. The extraordinary triumvirate comes together to blend the nostalgic with the contemporary to make the music of the future.

Introducing: Team Retro.

Ruffhouse Records

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